Steve Eves 1/10th Scale Saturn V - Launched from MDRA's Price Maryland Field on 2009-0425

Pictures by Chris Tayor,

Almost ready - About 1 hour to go

Final Prep work
You get a true sense of just how massive this thing is when you see an EXTENSION ladder being used to reach little more than half the rocket!
I just can not get over how massive it really is!
Nice Panaramic of the Launch site not long till launch!

Last checks of the Igniters

I did not know they launched a Nike Smoke to "test" the upper winds before each Saturn V launch
Away goes the Smoke
Liftoff! I wish I was a wee down on this shot I wanted more of the ground smoke
Building up speed
Into the Regressive burn
This is my favorite shot. Crisp Sharp still some flame well lit. N's are starting to waine P is still going strong.
Not long till burn out the N's are about done
Moment of Ejection
Chutes just beggining to unfurl
Chutes out
Notice one chute (on the left) did not deploy
Thankfully the rest were MORE than sufficient for a gorgeous recovery
Nice profile shot of the main body and chutes. Note you can see the undeployed chute well here
The upper portion of the rocket
Just priot to touch down of the upper section
Main section less than 30ft from landing
Moments after landing
The crew arrives

What a day! 2.5 hours $50 in gas for One flight and worth every penny and every second! How often do you see $25,000 worth of Rocketry go up!

Each image takes you to the FULL SIZE image they are big. almost 40mb in images but they are so beautiful you have to see them full size! almost all of these will print at 8x10 or larger without a problem! Most are around 1mb with some pushing 2mb and a couple at 6mb.

If you just want to download everything grab this archived file. Be warned its very large at 121MB and includes the 3 videos.

Here are 3 videos I captured.

First is the "Tripod" shot. I put the camera on a tripod and just let it get what it got.
Second is the Camera mounted to the still camera so you get it all the way up to deployment.
Third is a pan shot behind us where the rocket landed (standing up!)

I also put the first 2 on Youtube Here and Here

NIce panaramic of the recovery
Last shot with the 800mm lens. I love how it landed standing up - Soft as a feather

A link to the Official page for this rocketry project and a link to the fine folks who helped set it off today MDRA Rocketry
Copyright Notice 2009: Steve Evens and the folks at MDRA, Tripoli, and the NAR may do anything they want with these images and video, credit is all I ask for. Everyone else may use view share these as they see fit for personal non commercial usage with attribution. Put simply your not allowed to profit from these without my permission and you must link or credit me as the one who took the shots
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