Red Glare X
April 8th to the 10th
Price Maryland by MDRA

OK Pictures from Day 2 and 3 are online.
I also got all the 600fps Videos online
and most (will verify when I get home) of the 720p video online

I still need to edit and upload the 120fps and 720p video from the last camera.


This page has all the VIDEO Links Red Glare X Video's

Click each picture below for that day's images.

Day 3
My sister Sara snapped this shot. Absolutely gorgeous!

She was curious about taking pictures and her pocket cam sucked so I handed her my short lens
XTI and said here this is how you use it have at it. She sure did "have at it" she has some talent for this.

Notice how the "sparky" matter (titanium??) forms a seperate spiral
From the "smokey" part of the Skidmark. Stunning Image!
I am going to print a poster of this one.

I was zoomed in too tight (got a great lift off shot though)
I won't make that mistake again.

Day 2

Impressively Awesome Enormous V2!

DAY 1 is online!