Saturn 1B's - 2011-0417

Vern Hoag and Steve Eves flew their 1/9th scale Saturn 1B's today.

Vern Hoag's did not end well. intertial/drag sep occured causing vast destruction to the model no one and no thing hurt except the rocket so there is at least that. HE WILL rebuild it !!

OK I got all the pictures online Goto PICTURES To see the video's (all online now)

I split the videos into TWO lists. One for the "Flight Videos" (coming soon) and one for the "Prep/Intro" videos.

The videos starting with 0xx are PREP videos 1xx is for Vern Hoag's and 2xx are for Steve Eves

Sadly I did not get a "tracked" video of Steve's flight. I discovered a fatal flaw in my camera right. at t-6 seconds I put the camera rig to my face and the brim of my hat hit the record button turning OFF the video camera that would have tracked the flight up.

BOY was I mad. I am going to have to install a GUARD on that button to prevent that from happening.

I have tracking video of Vern's flight and for both flights have a static WIDE and TIGHT video at 720p I also have a slightly wide 120fps and a tighter 600fps video of each flight and of course pictures.

I was ecstatic to be able to help with the launch. I handed three of Vern's fins to the crew bolting them onto the rocket. To be able to help AT ALL even just handing someone a fin was an absolute pleasure.

It was quite an experience to see such amazing machines work even if not perfectly.

Steve's did NOT stage. Something went hinky and the second stage got sideways before ignition so the electronics onboard correctly cancelled ignition of the section state. it deployed all recovery gear properly. I assume it landed with little or no damage (fingers crossed) I was too far away to see any details of the recovery effort.

Truly amazing event and MDRA handled everything with absolute professionalism and efficiency. Impressed. and Thank you SO MUCH to the Higgs family for letting the MDRA group fly off their land. Without people like that we would have no hobby.