Red Glare 18
April 8th - 10th

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Some nice shots. Winds were extremely high so flying was infrequent on satuday. Tomorrow is expected to be a write off.
Yep. write off. actual snow for a little bit then rain then tstorm and that did it. Their were 4 flights I got pics and vid of all 4 Tomorrow is supposed to be excellent so hopefully we will have a flood of flying to make up for it :-)
Day 3 was THE day. perfect weather perfect skies good breeze. What a day. nearly 1200 pictures. Sorry for the LONG delay. I work 7 days a week I am processing these while working the election polls. I also ahve video of almost all the flights. That is going to take a wee bit longer to get done.
I am sorry for the enormous number of small files. I can not find a program that will chunk these files all together into a single file without wrecking the file (the audio gets seriously whacked about 1 minute in either gone or far too out of sync to be of any use) I will reupload as a single file if I can figure out how too without re encoding (and losing quality)