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WSMC 2010 Serbia

Launch Site
45° 03' 17.82" N
19° 48' 11.58" E

45.055, 19.8031

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Reporters in Serbia

George Gassaway

James Duffy

Jon Stenberg

Steve Kristal

Ryan Woebkenberg

Matt Steele


Don't forget to check out the great shots by the Russian folks at their page!
He has over 350 pictures online including some great action shots

Video put together by James Duffy

2010 FAI World Championships for Space Models from James Duffy on Vimeo.


VIDEO shot by George Gassaway at the WSMC 2010

Saturday August 28th 2010

George Gassaway and Trip Barber at the Fortress in Belgrade

Friday August 27th 2010

Thursday August 26th 2010

Steve Kristal got pictures to me late last night they are now part of Day 6 as well

John  Langford, Bill Stine, Mary Roberts, and  Chris Kidwell

Wednesday August 25th 2010

Juniors posing with a skull they found

Flash Upodate from Matt Steele

"A tough day for the US team today. We awoke to light rain at
breakfast. The weather was overcast in the morning, and finally
cleared, but the wind was constantly at the limit. It was not fun.

DQs plagued the Jr B
Scale Altitude. Cassidy Steele had a good flight disallowed when the
RSO coudn't confirm that it landed safely; it later turned out the
model did land safely, but stripped the streamer. Katie got the
highest flight of the meet, but it was only good enough to place her
11th.  Both Cassidy and George Reynolds did not get good flights, so
no good team scores.

The Senior team didn't fare much better. Tony Reynolds ended up 4th
with a great 600+ meter  flight. James Duffy had a low 200 meter
flight. Matt Steele suffered no ignition on first flight, and a prang
on the second flight. His third flight failed to trigger the

S4B Sr team was plagued with DQs, with only Trip Barber getting three
good flights. The Jr team ended up middle of the pack, with Katherine
Humphrey doing the best.

The medal ceremonies are just winding up, and the wind has turned cold
as the moon rises in the distrance.


Tuesday August 24th 2010

Another Flash from Matt Steele

"No medals today - tough day. Trip did the best in SR S1A, but not in
the top 3. The Junior S9A team started out with 2 maxes and a good
flight, but did not hit good air ended up in the middle of the pack.

Flash Udate Live from the field from Matt Steele

"Tuesday morning update:

Nice, hot day with clear blue skies and light winds.

S1A saw Katie Wokenberg get a good flight of 322m. It was 5th on the
board when we went out to recover for the afternoon events, but some
other flights still needed to be posted. Emma Kristal had a flight in
the 200s, and George Reynolds had a 304m flight DQ'd for no streamer
on the booster. This was a hard event for the Juniors to fly, and they
did not medal as a team.

S9A for the Seniors saw DQs for Todd Schweim and Keith Vinyard, but
Rod Schafer had a good flight. All US flyers had so-so flights for the
second round, and Todd maxed for the third round. We will have a four
person flyoff (they got 3 180 second maxes), for the gold later today.

SR S1A and JR S9A now starting."

Monday August 23rd 2010

USA Jr Team takes GOLD in S8

Alyssa gets Individual Silver in S8 missing a shot at
the fly offs because of a misfire! Great Job Alyssa!


Flash Report from Matt Steel on the field

"As I sit on the edge of a Serbian wheat field, I thought I would
update you on today's results.

The US Junior took the team Gold medal in S8D (D radio control rocket
glider) in Serbia.

Alyssa Stenberg and a Russian went into a flyoff for the individual
gold medal,but Alyssa did not win. Matt Berk finished 4th, and Craig
Vinyard 16th.

Senior S6A did not have any US medal winners.

Paige Kucek finished 6th in Junior S6A.

The US S8E Team flew well, but did not place anyone in the top 6."

Does this mean Alyssa got Silver Individual?? I hope!!

CONFIRMED about 1400 EST 2000 LT Alyssa was on the
Stand Recieving her Silver Medal for Individual Junior S8


Sunday August 22nd 2010

The United States Rocketry Team



From Ryan Woebkenberg

"My update is that today over the course of about an hour I did more
boosts at a quicker rate than I ever had before. Very fun. Thermals are great."



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Saturday #2 August 21st 2010

The Team from Slovakia and their very cool Van!


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Saturday August 21st 2010

Unloading Luggage from the Bus

Friday August 20th 2010

In Belgrade, a view of the city and the Danube river