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WSMC 2010

Launch Site
45° 03' 17.82" N
19° 48' 11.58" E

45.055, 19.8031

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I run a site where I post pictures video etc.. of each days Naram events semi live (each night) from the hotel. I then started a sister site - Its not live not even semi live really since most events are 1 or 2 days. but I wanted to keep the "eventlive theme I have going and the domain was available.

This event I am not attending (I wish). George Gassaway my primary reporter on the ground got the neat idea to do something like Naramlive but with the WSMC or World Space Modelling Championship's being held this year in Serbia.

I thought it was a great idea so of course I said yes. These types of event can be found at for the WSMC specifically I also grabbed the domain name which will foward to except when a WSMC is occuring then I will arrange for it to forward directly to that "live" page.

It will work just like as I get content from George Gassaway and or other attendee's I will post the info each evening to the site. Its divided in 10 pages 1 page for "pre" WSMC content and another for "Post" WSMC content and the 8 days scheduled for the event.

Since Internet capabilities are far less consistent in this area of the world if at all the content may be sparce and there might even be days skipped. Realities of traveling all over the world. Once the contestants are home content may be expanded and updated as I get more material and we clean it up.

Remember this is George and others possibly taking away important time to send this. This is Serious competition on a global scale. To give you some grasp on the scale of this thing here is the Participants BY NATION

So unlike what I do with these folks are going to be BUSY flying models. So don't expect the crazy number of pictures I take at a Naram.

Some Links of interest.
On the left you have a google maps link to the actual location of the launch site. As well as a Weather link for the area.
Click for Belgrade, Serbia Forecast

The Home page for WSMC 2010
I assume the "Host" club like with Naram's

Google Translated Link
To download from this site use the
REGULAR link not the translated link.

The Home page of the FAI the controlling organization of these events
E equivalent to the NAR but on a global scale)

Here is a PDF of the "rules" the equivalent of the "Pink Book" for FAI Contest Rocketry


George Gassaway has a nice page for the 2008 WSMC

George also did a fantastic article for the
now passed away Launch Magazine available here.

He also helped write the article
for the 1987 WSMC for American Space Modelling here.


James Duffy put together a VERY nice
video about the 2008 WSMC here


This is a drawing of the layout
proposed for the 2010 WSMC

Thats a pretty slick layout. I hope Naram one day has enough participants to warrant such a layout.

How cool is this. George found a Russian site updating pictures of WSMC 2010

I am pretty sure this is a picture of the site owner (I do not speak russian or read russian but some things just seem to indicate some things :-)

I think this is his name or his e-mail address :-) it was a mail too link but my hunch is that it was his name and it linked to his e-mail.

You their on the left. Yeah you owner of the site. If I got it wrong let me know as best you can :-) Keep up the great work I love seeing more pictures!

Click him to visit the site. He has some REALLY nice pictures online already!

Владимир Инкогнито

Found out something new today. They are using Altimeters for FAI altitude contest events. SO I wondered WHAT altimeter. I found it today thanks to a post on ye old rocketry forum. This thing masses 2.4 grams WITH BATTERY and will fit inside a 10mm tube. That is just amazing.

Yeah I want one badly. IF the price is PLN this thing is like $12 ($60 its euro not pln) and its a logging altimeter. Download via USB and it gives you the entire flight from before takeoff to landing. Click it to check out the site
Ahhh pity found out its EURO so its about $54 to get one of these plus the adapter so more like $60 Pity they would be fun BUT still a great price for the size - Official support by FAI - and it gets the WHOLE flight curve not just peak alt.