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Thursday September 6th 2012

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On Thursday, the S8D (D R/C Rocket Glide) team flew. It was VERY windy, 15 mph or more a lot of the time, though it dropped a bit later. Brendan O'Bryan put in three solid flights. Alyssa Stenberg, who won a Silver medal 2 eyars ago, had a bad first flight when her model failed to respond on boost (It had been OK during a preflight check). She had a max in round 2, riding some wave lift.

Zackary Stenberg flew the high winds in round 1 by flying his model steady at its glide speed was slower than the wind, so it slowly drifted downwind. He kept making tiny corrections to kepe it pointed into the wind, as it got farther away. It drifted over a road and was in danger of landing in a lake, so he had to switch boost "boost" trim to make it glide faster and not land in the lake. There was minor damage on anding, but otherwise it was good for the rest of the rounds. Zack actually had the top score in that VERY windy round, at 217 seconds, 27 seconds more than anyone else. His second flight was for 295 seconds, and third flight for 254 seconds. Given the winds, it was hard for anyone to max, but a few did max (6 minutes).

Zack flew early in the final round, so while he was listed among the top early, we figured later results would push him down the result list. After Alyssa flew, I went over ot look at the electronic scoring board, , trying to see if the team might havea shot at a team medal.. There were still several scores not entered in the results yet. I started to see how many people might be able to nudge Zack down, if they got a max of 360. It looked like the highest score of anyone with only two scores in yet, could not catch Zack. I was trying to double check when Mike Nowak pointed out the same thing.... nobody could knock Zack out of 3rd. Realized later that other countries had used the same strategic choice as made for Zack - fly when the weather was good in the early part of round 3 rather than later when it was likely to get worse (Keith Vinyard said it was likely to get worse later in round 3 and he was right). So that was another reason that the only fliers left did not have scores tat could top Zack's, the top contenders had already flown early.

One of the happiest moments of my life was
going to Zack and telling him he had won the bronze medal.

By the way, Zack is only 8. Some might not believe someone his age could fly R/C Rocket Gliders, but he can (the Czech is in the mail). He can boost them well, just like his sister Alyssa can. He earned the respect of a LOT of competitors at the WSMC, and it was great to see.


  He kept it pointed straight into the wind but it was it was so strong that it was getting hard to see.  Finally Zack had to dive the model or lose it because it was getting too far to see or recover (a mile or so away)
Jon Stenberg   Alyssa gets a max on her 2nd flight after a bad crash in round 1 caused by a control problem (rudder control linkage broke on boost) 06 - JS - IMG_3708.JPG
Here is Zackary taking stock of the models in the air to see what the air is doing.
06 - JS - IMG_3713.JPG
Zackary's first flight in horrendous wind.  Nice straight boost.....and really high.  Too high....the wind was blowing it way far away.
    06 - JS - IMG_3719.JPG
Zackary in round 2.  Conditions were improving but lift was really hard to find.  He had a 2nd good flight.
06 - JS - IMG_3721.JPG
The officials at the radio impound tent loved that Zackary was flying a hard event like this at only 8
06 - JS - IMG_3769.JPG 06 - JS - IMG_3776.JPG
    06 - JS - IMG_3784.JPG 06 - JS - IMG_3786.JPG 06 - JS - IMG_3788.JPG 06 - JS - IMG_3789.JPG
    06 - JS - IMG_3792.JPG 06 - JS - IMG_3795.JPG 06 - JS - IMG_3802.JPG 06 - JS - IMG_3805.JPG
    06 - JS - IMG_3807.JPG 06 - JS - IMG_3810.JPG 06 - JS - IMG_3812.JPG 06 - JS - IMG_3821.JPG
    06 - JS - Proud dad IMG 3758.JPG 06 - JS - Sneak attack of kisses IMG 3765.JPG 06 - JS - Zack readys his model for the third round IMG_3722.JPG 06 - JS - Zackary doesn't like his celabratory beer....(good!)IMG 3747.JPG
    IMG 3737.JPG After a great flight in horrible conditions in round three....Zackary wins a bronze!  The girls parade him around here. 06 - JS - IMG_3716.JPG
Alyssa preps her model "Spot"
Steve Kristal   Duffy's backpack after the Scale Altitude conest U.S. Juniors playing cards with the Russian Juniors after competing with each other all day Emma Kristal explaining her scale model to some members of the Russian Team. Scale Judging Official explaining to Emma why the motor on the base of her Little Joe capsule won't really count as a second stage.

Sunset over the flying field

Today's weather was positively "English"; cold windy and threatening rain.  Tough for all rounds!  High points for the day were Zack Stenberg's Bronze medal in S8D, Jim Filler's 4th place and James Duffy's 5th place in S5C, and 4th place team finishes in S8D juniors and S5C seniors!
Tomorrow is a relaxation and tour day!
Terrill Willard   06 - TW - IMG 0954.JPG
  06 - GG - IMG 4771.jpg 06 - GG - IMG 4840.jpg 06 - GG - IMG 4886.jpg 06 - GG - IMG 4929.jpg
    4853 ,  4866, and 4868   - Alyssa Stenberg flew S4A Boost Glide with flop-wing Flying Wing whch boosted inside of a 2" diameter rocket. 4881   - Launch of Brendan O'Bryan's Ravne-10 model, boosting on a D3
    06 - GG - IMG_4870.jpg 06 - GG - IMG_4877.jpg 06 - GG - IMG_4879.jpg 06 - GG - IMG_4881.jpg
    4870  - the S8D Junior Team, Alyssa Stenberg, Brendan O'Bryan, and Zack Stenberg, with Brendan's model in the launcher.

4872 - Brendan O'Bryan flying his model, with his dad Dave spotting. Dave flew S8E many times on the US Team.

4877 - Zack's model "topsy" at left, as Zack is ready to go out to make his first flight.

4879 - A very happy moment with Zack & his dad Jon, after finding out Zack got the Bronze medal.
    4882 - Brendan's model in glide. Was too busy to get any good other boost or glide pics. 06 - GG - IMG_4884.jpg 4886 - Brendan, Zack, and Alyssa with their models. 4887 - The final results
    4889 and 4890 -  
The whole US Team showing support for Zack.
4899 and 4905 - the celebrating continues.
    4915- Zack being congratulated by members of the Serbian Team. 4924 and 4929
The Silver, Gold, and Bronze medal winners in S8D.
4933 - Zack & I celebrate. I am incredibly proud of him.  I taught him how to fly R/C and he was doing rocket boosts on D3's in two months (Czech it out).  I was happier for him winning Bronze than I think I was for any medals i've won (I didn't cry when I won....)
    4935 -  Alyssa, dad Jon ,and Zack after the awards 4938 - Emma and Steve
Kristal with their
S7 Scale models.
4939 - Zack shows his medal
    4940 and 4941 - The US Junior  S7 (Scale) Team with their Little Joe-I models. Rachel Nowak, Emma Kristal, and Campbell Duffy
    4940     4941