I have a pretty intense obsession with taking pictures. I LOVE taking pictures.

Especially of rockets. so around 1998 the idea hit me to put my pictures online so others could enjoy them. If I put them online AS the event occured people could enjoy the event almost at the same time as people at the event. If I took enough pictures it would be like being their on some level.

The idea for Naramlive.com was born. Each night at the hotel room I would process and upload the images from that day's events. At first I was doing this via a dial up internet connection and then a Cellular Link with my cell phone (sprint allowed tethering on the data plans back then without extra charge) This was 2g Speeds mind you :-)

Nowadays its easy to get Wifi access at hotels so I use that and it has allowed the site to be a lot bigger.

Every now and then I would attend an event other than Naram. Whenever I attend any rocket launch that is not a Naram I will put the pictures here at Rocketrylive.com

My first victum is Steve Eves Saturn V at 1/10th scale! It was a monster and it was a wonderful experience to get to see that fly!

Enjoy the site! Feedback is always welcome! nerys dot com is the domain rocektrylive is the alias. alias@domain is the address.

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