Team America Rocketry Challenge 2011

I was invited to attend TARC 2011 at Great Meadows in The Plains VA.

I have many pictures ready including some flight shots. I still have about 900 flight/field shots to sort/edit/reduce. They will be online by the end of the week.

Friday Eventing there was a Briefing.

Saturday was the event itself 600+ students flying rockets.
This is split into 3 "sets" from my 3 camera's

Set 1 is the wide angle camera so lots of Field shots and general wide shots

Set 2 is the "long" lens camera. This is most of the tight in students prepping rockets and the "Flight" shots
This set is HUGE with 630 pictures alone.

Set 3 was with my Casio so most of its shots are like Set 2 but more "flight" shots than anything else.

I was hoping to have it as one giant set all in chronological order but alas the clocks were ALL off from
each other and I have no picture with any sort of "time index" to tell me by how much. From now one I will take a picture
of my watch with each camera so I can get each "set" of pictures properly time stamped and do this each time I change batteries.

Afterwards was the Awards ceremony

The event was absolutely spectacular. While the weather was nasty and damp the rain "held off" till the end.
To see so many young students all working toward a common goal was a sighte to behold and one I won't soon forget.
I will be making a concentrated effort to attend more of these in the future. Absolutely amazing.

I also shot a rather large quantity of Video. High Definition video as well as "High Speed" video at 120 and 600 frames per second.

I also got a few "onboard" videos from my Radian Glider. I apologize for the lackluster video my flight pack is "bad"
(probably one of the cells is hosed) so I only had 30 seconds of full power then it was "sustain" power only for a few minutes.
BUT they still came out rather nice so I am pleased :-)


NOTE many of the files say TARC 2010 this is incorrect its TARC 2011. I am changing all mentions but file names/locations would take a complete redo to change so they will remain.