Team America Rocketry Challenge 2012

What is TARC?


I attended my Second TARC in 2012.

It was absolutely as amazing as the first time. I don't think I will ever stop being amazed at the performances at this event.Truly inspiring.

I had something new to "try out" this year. A bunch of android phones running software to take pictures every few seconds to let me create "timelapse" movies. I think they came out really nice. Be sure to check them out in my youtube channel.


(nearly 700 pictures)

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TARC 2012 Video Playlist

The CASIO videos are mostly "high speed" videos (slow motion)

The JVC and Nano Cam videos are normal
720P High Definition with sound video's

The bottom of the list are the TIMELAPSE videos (playable upto 1080p)

I especially love this one when the "fog" rolls in.

Here are any other TARC 2012 video's I find on youtube.
Want your video here? send me a link or send me the file
and I will get it online for you.

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